A Team of Passionate Interior Designers.

Byoutat Design based in 6th of October city, Egypt, where a staff of experienced and talented professionals, including interior designer, architects, artisans and craftsmen specialise in both residential and commercial interior design.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

Byoutat Design is a service provider dealing with all your architectural needs. Say it interiors or exteriors, we have a set of solutions for you. Our portfolio consists of a wide variety of services that can help you built your future.

Our Story

Manal and Shereen established Byoutat Design in 2008 after a long career working in renowned design firms, to take their passion of creating beautiful Home & Gardens, contemporary office spaces and retail shops.

Our Design Process

The first step is to outline the needs of our clients and share in their vision. In doing so, we are able to understand the full scope of the project and ensure all factors have been properly considered.


We will first, listen carefully to your requirements and needs.


We will start drawing and compose the moodboard, explaining all aspects of design on the real ground.


Then we will start building with the highest quality for endurance.
And we will monitor the execution meticulously until it is handed over to you.


Home Workstation

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